Since 1999, Hands on Concepts (HOC) and D's Locks have been creating innovative products for wheelchair users. These products include:

D's Locks, revolutionary hub locks for wheelchairs
HOC2 MonoSki - The Edge and The Groove two cutting edge performance MonoSkis with unparalleled edge control
HOC2 BiSki - The Glide, a program BiSki that is a joy to ride
HOC3 Basketball Chair, an agile, aggressive chair that combines performance, durability, and affordability

In addition, HOC is a complete product development company for the adaptive, adaptive sports, and sports industries. We combine a deep and personal understanding of client needs with design expertise to develop products that meet and exceed your expectations. Utilizing state of the art technologies, materials, processes, and the finest engineering abilities, HOC is able to create products that define the new standard.